Arai SZ-R VAS - Test and Review

SZ-R VAS is the new jet helmet developed by Arai with a shell that integrates the new VAS visor system, new interior and is more aerodynamic.

We tried the SZ-R VAS jet helmet developed by Arai with a shell that integrates the VAS system, new interiors and is more aerodynamic.

Although I have been riding a motorcycle for about 30 years, aware of the safety that only a full-face helmet can offer, I have always been a lover of “open” or open-face helmets. A little for the pleasure of driving with the air on your face, even in winter, a little for that sense of coolness and freedom, both in the city and around the state roads, the Jets are always my primary choice ( also for aesthetic reasons when I'm riding my Buell or Harley-Davidson).

For this reason I have tried so many, cheap and top of the range, in fiber or plastic, but when I had to "scrape" my historic Arai SZ-F it was like throwing away the most comfortable and beautiful shoes you have traveled the world with. And despite the temptations of the competition, it didn't take long before I returned to Mama Arai ...

  • The newcomer is a concentrate of technology and safety unparalleled for a helmet of this category. For this reason he will certainly be our companion for the many kilometers that await us, first of all for safety and comfort, even after many hours in the saddle.
  • La coloration Frost Gun Metallic it is modern, sober and very elegant, without getting too hot in the sun and to the touch there are no signs that we usually see on the classic matte black.
  • Il aerodynamic design and new ventilation system, inherited from the RX-7V, guarantee the maintenance of an optimal temperature, in any condition of use, already perceptible at low speeds.
  • The cap, designed on the basis of the helmets of Formula 1, raises the bar of security beyond Snell standards, impact resistance and related energy dissipation, without gaining weight. Improved the ability of the helmet to slide over any obstacles, in its various shell sizes, it remains: free of edges, aerodynamic and modest in size, also gratifying the look (without looking like the atomic ant!).
  • The SZ-R VAS is equipped with Air Wing such as integrals to reduce turbulence together with the new shape of the visor (even more aerodynamic). The interior, which improves fit and comfort, is new, with washable and antibacterial fabrics. The helmet is also prepared to the housing of a interphone, for use with glasses and offers the possibility to install PRO Shade System.

In my opinion, these are the main features I reflected on before making the investment, all the others (dozens of information and typical Arai features) can be found directly on the Arai website or on that of Ber Store.

Definitely an above average purchase, being a Jet, with a retail price of 639 Euros. It is not an economic helmet, on the contrary, but considering a useful life of about 5 years, a cost of about 600 euros for a basic model, we are talking about 120 euros a year, or 10 euros a month for 5 years.


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