ARAI Day - Saturday 29 May from Fuori e Strada

Try an Arai helmet directly on the road on 29 May 2021 from Fuori e Strada, Rovato (BS).

Aray Day - 29 May 2021 from Off and Road - Rovato (BS)
Aray Day - 29 May 2021 from Off and Road - Rovato (BS)

Curious to try an Arai helmet? Saturday 29 May from Fuori e Strada, in Rovato, you can try different models of the famous Japanese brand.

On May 29, 2021, we will also be there from Off and Road ( to test the best models of Arai, distributed by Ber racing, like the famous full face RX-7V, Tour-X4 for those who love adventure andSZR-VAS to seek the most out of a Jet.

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  • From 10:00 to 18:00, at the store of Off and Road, in Rovato (BS), visitors can try on the road the most famous and sold models of the Japanese brand.
  • The employees of Off and Road they will take care of the maintenance of the helmets Arai of customers who already own one.
  • To avoid any waiting, it is advisable to contact the store to make an appointment.
  • The road test includes a short 5 to 10 minute ride.


Arai RX-7V - Tatsuki full face racing tour sport helmet
Arai RX-7V - Tatsuki

The RX-7V represents Arai's ultimate knowledge, expertise and know-how in helmet manufacturing technology. With a completely new PB-SNC² outer shell, the revolutionary VAS (“Variable Axis System”) visor system and a noticeably smoother area in the temple area, the RX-7V is the new point of reference in the field of high-end helmets. From the new antimicrobial material coating with even smaller thickness, to the new air intakes, implemented diffusers, to the new integrated ventilation channels, every detail shows the typical Arai attention to detail.


Arai SZ-R VAS jet racing tour sport enduro maxi helmet
Arai - SZ-R VAS

The model SZ-R VAS is the new jet helmet developed by Arai, with a completely redesigned shell that integrates our new VAS visor system, improving the ability of the helmet to slide over any obstacles and thus maximizing the level of protection in an area of ​​the helmet that has always been critical. Thanks to the new shape of the visor (even more aerodynamic), the possibility of installing PRO Shade System, the Diffuser technology inherited from RX-7V and the new interior, which improves fit and comfort, SZ-R VAS sets a new benchmark in the segment. It is also designed for housing an intercom and for use with glasses.


Arai Tour-X4 full face racing tour sport enduro maxi helmet
Arai Tour-X4

The Tour-X 4 is one of the most versatile helmets ever created: adventure, grand touring or off-road, and without a sun visor it is also ideal for a motorcycle from the street! Whatever the driving conditions, the Tour-X 4 is ready for anything. It can be used without a visor with goggles, without a peak but with a visor, or in any other way you prefer.



The other models available in the store for purchase are:

Arai Rx-7v: Tatsuki, Nakagami
Arai Chaser-x: Escape red frost, Gene blue, Gene Yellow frost
Arai Profile V: Doohan TT, Hayden, tube red, tube yellow
Arai Tour-X4: vision red
Arai UrbanVWP: Blackfrost

Safety Notes

The maximum number of people in the shop is 40. So if there are more people, they will wait outside the shop. As for the helmet test, each helmet will be sanitized each time it is used and can be used for a maximum of 10 minutes of road test (to test the helmet an identity document must be left to the employees).

Contacts and information

Fuori e Strada is located in Rovato, in via Salvella 9. For information and reservations you can call the number 030 7703908.

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