ANLAS Capra X for Maxi Enduro Test and Review

The Anlas Capra X tire test on road and off-road during the Swank Rally of Sardinia.

anlas capra x maxi enduro tire
Anlas Capra X - Swank Rally of Sardinia

Veterans from Swank rally of Sardinia, we can finally tell you about the Anlas Capra-X: here is our review.

Anlas has been on the roads all over the world since 1974 and has recently been presenting its increasingly cutting-edge and performing products to the market, whose success is growing exponentially.

My adventure begins on Saturday 18 May, when under a wall of water I head towards the Monza racetrack, the tires are silent thanks to their design, but the grip in the rain of the knobs is not excellent, especially on mixed routes, where the motorcycle tends to enlarge.

I state that mine KTM 950 it has no electronic system, such as ABS and Traction Control, consequently everything is very “physical” and you can perceive every movement of the bike and the tire.

Sunday morning, having landed in Porto Torres, we start to get serious and practically we find ourselves facing all kinds of possible and imaginable funds: gravel, stones, sand and mud. The Anlas Capra-X digest all types of soil, on gravel and stones, even when wet, the grip is constant, the front wheel always gives me a sense of safety, while the rear with 100 hp to be unloaded on the ground, “wags its tail” but without ever creating problems.

On the sand and on the enduro / cross track, with softer and lighter surfaces Maxi of the bike, the front tends to sink and the steering has tried to close several times, but we are talking about a rare terrain that certainly needs more pronounced and technical knobs.

anlas capra x maxi enduro tireAl back la Kevlar carcass ensures greater resistance to cuts, abrasion and punctures, tested with different pressures (not too low given the weight and power of the bike) we have never had any fear of launching even at high speeds on the various terrains encountered.

The really positive note is the held on asphalt, in my opinion the best knobs tried so far: during the transfers the corners were not lacking, and thanks to the excellent grip and the immediate feeling, the bike turns smoothly without ever having that sense of "driving on the eggs", as often it happens with other maxi-enduro knobby tires.

Obviously the price to pay is wear, so the duration is obviously reduced and in any case it depends on the use made of it, from the bottom, from the bike. However, in my opinion, there is always an affordable price compared to the safety that these tires offer.

I also remind you that you can buy Anlas a tires this link, thanks to the agreement we entered into with Innovabox, the Italian distributor of Turkish tires.