Anlas Capra Extreme - test and review

Premise: we did not use it competitively and the test was done with a Beta 300 Xtrainer for amateur use on different ground conditions.

We tested the Anlas Enduro tire, the Capra Extreme, in different conditions: here is our video review.

The Anlas Capra Extreme is an enduro tire that lends itself to all ground conditions, with a particular vocation for the toughest terrains such as stony ground, uneven surfaces, gravel, earth.

On softer terrains the result is undoubtedly more than good, with the knobs that penetrate well into the ground without losing grip (except for strong acceleration in corners), always giving an excellent feeling in running and on slope changes.

It is not the hardest compound, nor the softest, which is why we can define it as an all-round. For those who prefer a more elastic compound, for more extreme routes, they can opt for the “soft” model.

Anlas Capra Extreme
Anlas Capra Extreme

In the fiercest mud we have had a few too many accumulations, but at the same time, the pieces manage to free themselves quite quickly. On the other hand, we perceived a bit of insecurity on the hardest and most slippery terrains, where, however, other models and brands would also struggle.

It is also possible to consider the front in conjunction with the Anlas Capra-X, For motorcycle heavier ones who want more grip to participate in Adventure Touring events.

Ultimately a good enduro tire, at an honest price, certainly competitive.

I also remind you that you can buy Anlas a tires this link, thanks to the agreement we entered into with Innovabox, the Italian distributor of Turkish tires.


  • 90/90 - 21 M / C 54R TT M + S 6254
  • 90/100 - 21 M / C 54R TT M + S NEW 6343


  • 140/80 - 18 M / C 70R TT M + S 6252
  • 140/80 - 18 M / C 70R TT M + S NEW (SOFT) 6336