Alghero Bosa by motorbike

A unique panoramic road overlooking the beautiful Sardinian sea. Itinerary to discover the west coast of Sardinia.

Alghero Bosa by motorbike
Alghero Bosa by motorbike - Ph. Mat783

By motorbike from Alghero to Bosa along the most beautiful and evocative coastal road of the west coast of Sardinia.

A land loved by all of us motorcyclists, full of roads to do by motorbike, on asphalt or off-road, Sardinia always remains one of the best destinations ever, in summer and winter.

Length 60 Km
connection Alghero - S'Archittu
Winter closure -
Road conditions and notes good


Alghero - Photo by, wikimedia

Our cylinders light up in Alghero, also known as Barceloneta, the little Barcelona: the city has in fact preserved the use of Catalan, recognized by the Italian Republic and the Region Sardegna as a minority language. The numerous churches such as that of San Michele, the historic buildings such as Palazzo Machìn and the fortifications built over the centuries to defend the city are worth a visit.

Alghero - Bosa SP105

Cabu Nieddu waterfall - by Angelo Perria Public domain

The provincial road 105 begins in Alghero and we recommend traveling south, in order to have the sea on the right side and be able to enjoy it all. It is a gentle road, curve after curve, with a road surface that is not always perfect. We therefore advise not to overdo the gas also in order not to miss the wonderful sceneries that follow each other on each promontory. The lay-bys and light traffic allow you to stop every few minutes to take wonderful photographs.


Bosa: by Gianni Careddu, CC BY-SA 3.0

Before reaching Bosa, the provincial road becomes SP45 (just so as not to get confused). Arriving at the small fishing village (Bosa Marina), turn towards the center located further inland from the sea, along the Temo river. The town, which during the Aragonese domination, obtained the rank of royal city, hosts a particular and fascinating religious and military architecture, such as the Co-cathedral of the Immaculate Conception e the famous Serravalle Castle.


Cuglieri: by Angelo Perria - Own work, Public Domain

Rolling southwards, along the Statale 292, you will find the small village of cuglieri, a town located like an amphitheater on the Bardosu hill. During the period of Roman domination in Sardinia, in its territory there are the remains of the Phoenician-Punic city of Cornus, which was the main center of the anti-Roman revolt of Ampsicora, during the second Punic war. Cuglieri is well known for the production of quality olive oil, for its ancient monasteries and churches, such as the Basilica of Santa Maria della Neve. THE nuraghi they are very numerous, there are over fifty of which the most important are “Oratiddo, Nuraghe Maggiore, Baragiones, Mannigos, Frommigas and Uglieras”.

Do not miss

S'Archittu is the seaside village belonging to the municipality of Cuglieri, famous fornatural arch and for Cabu Nieddu waterfall into the sea the only one in Italy of its kind, a few kilometers north of the small village. S'Archittu (i.e. the small arch) is one of the 24 natural monuments established and protected by the Sardinia Region. The arch has a height of about 15 meters and was carved into the white limestone by the action of the sea and the wind: it is what remains of an ancient sea cave subsequently perforated by the violence of the waves during the mistral.

Useful Tips

Remember to fill up with petrol when you leave as there is a shortage of petrol stations in this stretch of sea.

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Motorcycles and materials used

Motorcycle Honda Crosstourer 1200
Helmet Schuberth C4 PRO
Leatherwear LS2
Electronics MIDLAND BTX1 PRO S Bluetooth intercom