Taormina and the Alcantara Gorges

Medieval village with a Greek soul, Taormina is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Don't miss a visit to the incredible Alcantara Gorges.

Taormina - Picture of kirkandmimi
Taormina - Picture of kirkandmimi

A beautiful itinerary for motorcycles that combines the charm of the sea of ​​Taormina with the natural beauty of the Alcantara Gorges.

From the land to the crystalline sea of ​​Taormina and Isola Bella to the famous and unmissable Gorges of the Sicilian hinterland, here is a different itinerary than usual.

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The village is located 330 meters above sea level and has about 1700 inhabitants. An ancient local saying mentioned it la city with 7 faces: in fact, from whichever side you look towards the horizon, it offers 7 different and beautiful views. The traditions are very important, including the feast of the patron saint, Saint Lucia: in August, a religious and folkloristic event animates the streets of Savoca and keeps alive the tradition that has lasted for centuries.


A few passivated from the strait that separates the Sicilia from the Italian peninsula, on a natural terrace overlooking the Ionian Sea, rises the splendid Taormina, the ancient Tauromenion.
With its appearance of a medieval village, its ancient Greek soul, the colors and scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, Taormina it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. And the climate of Sicily makes it an ideal destination at any time of the year.

The Alcantara Gorges

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Gole dell'Alcantara: by tulipa_22

They are gorges up to 25 meters high and 2 meters wide in the narrowest points and 4-5 meters in the widest points. The natural canyon, unlike what is commonly thought, has not been carved out over thousands of years by water.

The Alcantara river flows between lava stone which forms its characteristic riverbed. On the territory of Motta Camastra in the locality of Fondaco Motta is the most impressive and famous gorge of the Alcantara, more than 6 km long and easily accessible for the first 3. The peculiarity of this gorge consists in the structure of the walls, created by flows of basaltic lava (poor in silicon but rich in iron, magnesium and calcium). The lava then cooled very quickly creating pentagonal and hexagonal prismatic shapes, which recall the molecular structure of the materials that constitute it.

Do not miss

Castelmola: the small village is located 500 meters above sea level, and has about 1100 inhabitants. It was one of the lookout points used by the inhabitants to prevent possible enemy attacks, whoever they were. To visit: the Duomo, the village square, with a wonderful view of the Ionian Sea and Taormina and the ruins of the ancient castle.

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A delicacy that not everyone knows and you have to look for are the 'nzuddi, crunchy almond-based biscuits enriched with orange flakes, originally prepared by the Vincenzine Sisters.

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