Passo Albula - Swiss itinerary in the Grisons Alps

Albulapass: information and motorcycle itinerary among the Rhaetian Alps in Switzerland. From the Spluga Pass to Saint Moritz in the Engadine.

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Albula Pass - Palpuogna Lake - Ph. Shutterstock

Motorbike itinerary and information on the Albulapass, one of the most beautiful Alpine passes in Switzerland and the Rhaetian Alps.

The proposed itinerary starts from the Italian border, from the Spluga pass to get to Saint Moritz in Switzerland, passing through the panoramic Albula pass. Over 100 kilometers of curves and asphalt as only in Switzerland we can find.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.315 m
Length 100 Km
connection Spluga Pass - Saint Moritz
Number of hairpin bends 18
What to see in the surroundings Valle Engadine, Montespluga Dam, Saint Moritz Bell Tower, Albula Hospice
Typical dishes of the area Walnut cake from Graubünden, barley soup
Winter closure Si
Road conditions and notes Excellent condition, medium difficulty

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Let's take a day to drive between ups and downs of hairpin bends and curves in that amusement park called Switzerland. A succession of panoramas and scenarios await us, starting from the Montespluga dam near the Spluga pass, continuing at 2.135 meters above the Albula pass to finish by visiting Saint Moritz.

Useful tips:

Take your time, the main stops are definitely worth a stop. Before the Spluga pass there is the dam and a little further on the lake, visible from the road equipped with rest areas, souvenir shops and bars. At the Albula pass, a visit to the Albula hospice is a must, sipping a nice hot chocolate, which is appreciable even in summer given the height and temperature. A tip is to equip yourself with technical clothing suitable for temperature changes or with a jacket motorcycle windproof.

Switzerland certainly offers wide roads and beautiful asphalts, roads that invite you to open the gas, but beware of the velox and patrols, you don't mess with them, the fines come and they are high. So enjoy the curves while admiring the views, without rushing.


For this trip we start from Chiavenna and take the SS 36 up to step of the Spluga. For the more adventurous, arriving at Spluga means taking the shorter but decidedly more demanding old road, but we prefer to deviate on the SP1 to enjoy soft curves and come out just before Madesimo, rejoining the SP36. After a few bends we arrive at Montespluga lake with rest areas and shops, but the real pass is further ahead, on the border with Switzerland. We then go down into Swiss territory up to thusis, from where we begin to climb via the Albulastrasse to the step Albula. Another pause and then down, towards St. Moritz to make four passivated along the lake.

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