Suzuki Katana Tour 2019 kicks off - experience the myth!

Suzuki launches the Katana Tour, an initiative that will give many fans the opportunity to try the fascinating Hamamatsu maxi on the road for free.

Suzuki Katana Tour 2019

The calendar includes eleven appointments, which will take place between 25 May and 29 June at the Suzuki dealer network and in other special locations.

The Suzuki Katana is the great protagonist of the 2019 motorcycle season. After having attracted the attention of visitors and insiders during last autumn's Motor Shows, it has been awaited with great trepidation and, even today it is finally available in the price list, his every appearance in public triggers interest and curiosity. To satisfy the countless requests for tests received by enthusiasts, Suzuki has therefore decided to launch the Katana Tour 2019.

A winning formula

The Katana Tour supports the DemoRide Tour and proposes the proven and successful formula. The initiative will therefore bring a structure around Italy that every weekend, from 25 May to 29 June, will give the opportunity to road test several Katana models with the support of the national network of Suzuki dealers. The program includes eleven appointments, which will take place in numerous regions, at the offices of the dealers or in other selected locations, according to the following calendar:

  • 25/5 EuroMoto Gorini - Brescia
  • 26/5 Ceriani Motorcycle - Castellanza (VA)
  • 1/6 Motorpep - Pogliano Milanese (MI)
  • 2/6 Motorcycle House - Abbiategrasso (MI)
  • 8/6 Blue Bike - Reggio Emilia
  • 9/6 Mazzola Moto - Bonate Sopra (BG)
  • 15/6 Ugolini Motorciclo - Rimini
  • 22/6 Valter Moto - Seregno (MB)
  • 23/6 Conti Moto - Como
  • 28/6 LA Moto - Rome
  • 29/6 Moto Superpann - Lake of Castel Gandolfo (RM)

Each stage of the Katana Tour will turn into a great party dedicated to the passion for two wheels. All attendees will receive Katana gadgets and will be able to participate in an exclusive evening aperitif, which will close the rehearsal day in style.

How to participate in the Suzuki Katana Tour

Suzuki has long ago activated the website, through which DemoRides can already be booked. The same platform now offers the possibility to make a note also for the Katana Tour. To register, simply register online, selecting the date and place where you want to take the test. For each appointment, the site provides the exact address from which the tours depart and allows you to immediately check the availability of a motorcycle in the different time slots scheduled for the tests, which during the morning go approximately from 11 to 13 and in the afternoon from 14 to 19. Each lap has an expected duration of approximately 30 minutes and takes place on roads open to traffic, behind a forerunner of the Suzuki organization.

The various stages of the Katana Tour may be subject to variations or cancellations in case of particularly adverse weather conditions or other needs.

Discovering the myth

In addition to reserving a road test, web users can also consult the site that Suzuki has dedicated to the Katana at the link Here you will find exciting texts, photos and videos that tell the philosophy of this model and explain its deep connection with the worlds of the samurai and Japanese master swordsmen, also giving space to the original Katana that revolutionized motorcycle design in the 80s. Today the new Katana breaks the mold again, reworking those iconic and timeless shapes and dressing with them the most modern technology.

Just as the katana sword made the samurai recognizable in ancient Japanese society, the Suzuki Katana allows you to distinguish a refined and demanding motorcyclist, who identifies with his own bike and sees its extension in it. This total integration can also be experienced in riding during the Katana Tours. Light and incisive like an authentic katana, the Katana traces the trajectories with absolute precision, thanks to the meticulous tuning of the chassis, set-up and brakes, which exploit Brembo radial mount front calipers and a Bosch ABS system. The technical framework is then completed with the adjustable and deactivable electronic traction control, which makes it easier to manage the 150 HP of the exuberant four-cylinder engine, derived from that of the legendary GSX-R1000 K5, even on low-grip surfaces.

Bell, an exceptional partner

The Katana Tour will enjoy the extraordinary support of Bell, the famous brand of helmets also famous for having built the first full-face motorcycle, back in 1968. Bell will make available to those who will carry out road tests some fantastic models of its range: this is an opportunity not to be missed to touch the quality of these first-hand helmets and to live the Katana driving experience in style, as well as in the most comfortable and safe way.


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