Airoh Commander the road and off-road helmet

From naked mode without peak to that without visor for those who want to try their hand at off-road.

AIROH Commander
AIROH Commander Full Carbon Gloss

Airoh Commander: the helmet designed to protect you and accompany you in every situation, from off-road to road, complete with Pinlock and also in Carbon version.

Order is the crossover helmet of Airoh able to easily change its nature while keeping intact characteristics of the highest quality. They range from the combination of peak and visor for all-terrain use to the naked mode without peak and with the visor for purely road use, passing through the version without visor for those who want to try their hand at an arduous off-road route. Three different identities and infinite possibilities for an extremely versatile innovative on-off model, dedicated to those who live there motorcycle in 360 °.

Order is available in a wide range of graphics with a strong visual impact and concentrates the best of Airoh's design and technology: shell in HPC (High Performance Composite), closure with double ring system, Extra Wide visor with integrated Sun Screen Visor, lens Pinlock® included, aerodynamic peak, three-zone ventilation, Bluetooth-ready, two outer shell sizes, removable and washable interiors.


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