Agnellotreffen 2019 - Video and story of the 6th edition of the highest rally in Italy

The highest winter motorcycle rally in Italy has reached its sixth edition. Our rider, Marco Nebbiolo and his better half, tell us about their experience.

Agnellotreffen 2019 - the highest winter motorcycle rally in Italy has reached its sixth edition. Over 1500 motorcyclists braved the winter cold to reach Pontechianale in Val Varaita (CN).

Saturday we leave in the morning with a group of friends and the thermometer motorcycle already marks -10 degrees, but a beautiful hot sun accompanies us for the 100 km that separate us from the goal. The sky is clear and gives us a breathtaking view of the Alps and Monviso: we are excited for this adventure! The roads are very clean, thankfully, and we arrive at our destination without problems.

Agnellotreffen 2019 pontechianale cuneo italy alps rallyOnce in Pontechianale we queue up to a long and slow line of motorbikes awaiting registration. In Elefantentreffen mode, we look for a place to set up our 4 tents, we buy straw and wood, and within an hour our small camp takes shape. Party, sharing and extravagance, this is the air you breathe deeply.

One cannot fail to admire old mopeds, motorcycles and sidecars better equipped than a camper; ingenious ideas to optimize bulkier objects. In the main square, small stands were set up and fun goliardic games were proposed. The sun sets on the frozen lake and between a glass of wine and a little "spirit" from our travel companion from the Veneto, you start grilling thanks to the bins made available. During the evening, good music is played in the centre, even if many decide to stay around the fire to talk about their adventures. We spend a pleasant night in the silence of the mountain and without suffering too much from the cold.

Sunday morning the alarm is given to us by the potholes of those who have to leave early, we take it slow and a few snowflakes keep us company during the return.

Agnellotreffen 2019 pontechianale cuneo italy alps rallyLike any event, perfection does not exist: on arrival, with the cold it is, a single box is not the best for the long line of bikes that every year arrives more and more numerous, in addition to the usual "crafty" who jumped the queue. In addition, the ticket, unlike previous editions, did not include meal vouchers but just some gadgets of the event. There is no discount for the companion / passenger.

Agnellotreffen 2019 pontechianale cuneo italy alps rallyA young event, very fun and with a large following (growing), my advice is not to just go around the day but live the night, because this is the only way to fully enjoy the spirit of these gatherings.

Good road to all! Marco and Sofia

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Photos and videos by Marco Nebbiolo

SOURCEPhotos and texts by Marco Nebbiolo