Full jet motorcycle helmets MOMO Design Aero

Innovative design and high functionality. Momo Design brings a new generation of city and touring motorcycle helmets to its debut.

It was 2000 when Momo Design decided to enter the two-wheel sector, starting the first chapter of a story that led the brand to develop, almost twenty years ago, the first helmet for the metropolitan scooter rider, which later became a phenomenon of costume. internationally. An iconic object, whose aesthetics last over time regardless of the fashions of the moment and still remains the reference in the segment of today helmets demi-jet.

Today, eighteen years later, the Momo Design helmet has come of age and inspired by the mutability and dynamism of urban mobility it has developed and enriched the range by inserting new types of helmets for new users, both for city and for tourist use.

MOMO DESIGN thus takes a new step towards the future in the Jet helmet category, presenting AERO, a model born from futuristic, military and fantasy inspirations with high-tech equipment, Produced in Italy. An essential and clean but decisive and authoritative design, with a strong personality that embodies all the characteristics of a premium product: great aerodynamics, innovative "patent pending" visor movement, intelligent ventilation system, for safety at the highest levels.

Conceived as a single entity, where the shape of the shell welcomes and incorporates the large external visor, its shape proposes a new design concept designed to give the helmet greater aerodynamics and increase its performance.

Aero, thanks to its unique and compact design, gives the wearer a wide visibility, silence and greater safety against slipping. The space between the mechanism and the internal sphericity of the shell houses a honeycomb structure that absorbs lateral impact.

The 76th Edition of Eicma will be for Momo Design in the name of evolution with the two new products for 2019 ZERO e EAGLE, two new Jet heritage, a return to the origins of Momo Design, a concept that traces a history of over thirty years, all to be told.

Confirming the continued growth and expansion of the helmet collection motorcycle are presented FGTR Evo Limited Edition e FGTR Pixels, new interpretations of the iconic helmet with an impactful visual identity for the range.

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