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Goodbye suspension of the policy: what changes from 2023?

Stationary car insurance, must also be paid in private areas.

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The insurance (for cars and motorcycles) can no longer be suspended during the period of active registration and use: this is established by a European directive. Assoutenti: “gift to insurance companies“.

What does it mean? That we will no longer be able to suspend the insurance of the motorcycle, even if it is kept in private, fenced areas or boxes. So even if they are left unused inside a private property and not used, they must be provided with Rc insurance.

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  1. Motorbike or car insurance stops private garage or garage
  2. Motorbike or stationary car insurance must be paid
  3. Assoutenti: "gift to insurance companies"

As reported Newsauto, no matter the state of the motorcycle and the car, in fact the only exempt vehicles are those without wheels or motor, that is, unable to circulate.

Motorbike or car insurance stops private garage or garage

The European directive that regulates car / motorcycle insurance requires theinsurance obligation to all vehicles, including those that have been standing still for a long time in garages e private places. As mentioned previously, those vehicles that are now real are not obliged to have insurance wreckage.

Whoever holds the car, or another vehicle or vehicle such as the motorcycle, in your yard or garage or on private land will still need to be covered with a policy.

The new rules, which modify the directive 2009/103, they will not go into effect immediately. In fact, after the formal adoption by the EU Council and the publication in the EU Official Journal, the States have two years for transposition.

Stationary car insurance must be paid

The European directive extends the insurance obligation to private areas as well as to those public or open to the public. The directive therefore applies what was decided by the Court of Justice of the EU according to which the subject of the insurance is the "use of the vehicle", understood as any use in conformity with its transport function, no matter if it is stationary or moving, in a public or private place.

Therefore from now on the car / motorcycle insurance it always has to be paid and in order not to avoid spending money on a vehicle that is stationary in a private area, it must be returned unfit to circulate (for example, removing parts necessary for movement).

Stationary car insurance, Assoutenti: “Gift to insurance companies"

"As a result of this decision, all those who do not use cars and motorbikes, preferring to keep them in the garages, will be subject to the payment of TPL auto - says the president of Assoutenti Furio Truzzi - Europe thus yields to the insurance lobby, since this measure will bring new revenues to the coffers of companies, which have already grown rich thanks to the blocking of circulation recorded during the hot phases of the Covid emergency.

The changes approved by the European Parliament go in the opposite direction to the decisions of countries like the Germany, where it is possible to block the payment of TPL auto simply by delivering the license plate to the police, if you decide not to use the car for a period, and contradict the statements of Ivass and a part of the insurance world that own by virtue of the traffic stops imposed by Covid, they have asked for reimbursements in favor of those who have been forced to pay insurance policies despite not being able to use the cars.

We will ask the Italian political parties that sit in the European Parliament to account for this decision, because it is intolerable that Europe transforms itself from the institution of the people to that of insurance " - concludes the president of Assoutenti.

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