Travel accessories and tools to take on your motorbike

Tools, utensils and many other accessories to always take on the road when you go on your motorbike for the holidays or for a weekend.

Travel motorcycle accessories tools tire repair tools
Travel motorcycle accessories - Ph. Canva

Time for holidays and departures, but to avoid some hassle here are some accessories to take on your motorbike for a short or long trip.

From repair kits to first aid, caution is never enough e Bergamaschi offers a series of accessories and useful tools to take on a motorbike or scooter, not only for holidays but also all year round.

Longtime bikers certainly don't need to advice. None of them leave the suit at home rainproof or l 'mechanical anti-theft. But even the most assiduous bikers can puncture a tire or run into unexpected events.

Content index

  1. Bracket for smartphone or GoPro
  2. 6 in 1, the liquid for everything!
  3. The anti-theft device for combination helmets
  4. Rubber repair spray
  5. Battery booster
  6. Essential tools


Traveling on two wheels with the help of the navigator is becoming the rule. The market offers many smartphone holders… but the model we present to you has an extra gear.
The CLIQR line is made of nylon and glass fiber to offer superior mechanical properties, lightness and durability.

The accessory uses a magnetic type coupling and a mechanism of safety double-locking to mount almost any smartphone in the most comfortable position for you. Simply attach the CLIQR device adapter to the back of the device and rest it on the holder attached to the motorcycle with the desired orientation.

The mount, which anchors to handlebars up to 22mm, allows you to place your device next to the controls for an at-a-glance screen, perfect for navigation on the go.

OXFORD has tested the product to ensure resistance to vibrations and traction.
As an alternative to the smartphone, the support can accommodate an action camera that uses the GoPro anchoring system.

Price to the public: € 36,50. There is also the CLIQR OX851 version, applicable to pipes with a diameter greater than the classic 22 mm thanks to its connection with clamps. Retail price: 31,50 euros

Smartphone bracket - 6in1 liquid - Lidlock - Bergamo
Smartphone bracket - 6in1 liquid - Lidlock


New or second-hand vehicle? It matters little. From the little ones accessories to take on your first motorcycle trip or scooter this AREXONS 400ml canister should not be missing. Because it is multifunctional and performs the functions usually obtainable from several different products. Price to the public: 9,50 euros. Here's what it can do:

  • ANTICORROSIVE Protects flat metal surfaces, mechanisms, gears.
  • WATER-REPELLENT Protects surfaces from humidity and water avoiding the accumulation of salts and limescale deposits that could block mechanisms and sliding. It also protects electrical and electronic circuits from humidity.
  • DETERGENT Cleans metal surfaces by removing dust, sludge, rust, resins, adhesives. Cleans and polishes chrome surfaces. Safe on aluminum and painted parts.
  • REACTIVATING Restores electrical conductivity by eliminating current leakage. Does not isolate contacts, does not arc and dissolves oxides.
  • LUBRICANT It lubricates the mechanisms effectively and for a long time, preserving them from wear and degradation due to friction. It does not damage the rubber seals.
  • UNLOCKING does it quickly and effortlessly allows you to unlock mechanisms, bolts, etc.


An Oxford accessory designed to protect the helmet and / or a garment of clothing when you leave the motorcycle in the parking lot. The main features indicate that the spring has a combination lock (4 digits) and that it attaches to the helmet via the “D” rings.

For the helmets equipped with a quick release strap there is the special accessory (supplied) T-Bar. The integrated coiled cable is perfect for "locking" a garment or bag (eg technical jacket, tank bag). The mechanism has an outward opening to facilitate use. Price to the public 28,00 euros


The DURANCE INFLATE AND REPAIR by Petronas, 200 ml can,
seals the puncture and at the same time inflates the tire. It is a product that works with both inner tube and tubeless tires. All operations are carried out without removing the punctured wheel and without getting your hands dirty. Price to the public 10,80 euros.

The second proposal is from Arexons and is called GOMMA SPRAY AUTO (born for cars but also works great with motorcycles and scooters). Like the previous one, it allows you to seal the puncture and inflate the tire with an inner tube or tubeless. The spray can is 300 ml. Price to the public: € 14,50.

Tire repairers - Booster - Bergamo tools
Tire repairers - Boosters - Tools


GB20 is a portable lithium-ion battery pack capable of providing enough power (400 Amps) to start a dead battery in seconds. With a single charge the GB20 can deliver up to 20 starts.The product features patented safety technology that provides spark proof connections and reverse polarity protection making it safe and easy to use. GB20 also acts as a portable power source for charging USB devices, such as smartphones, tablets and other devices. And still it can become a 100 lumen LED flashlight with multiple modes. Designed for cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs and more with engines up to 4 liters. Price to the public: € 193,00.


A compact and slim case, easy to stow on motorcycles and scooters, including 28 pieces: set of 10 screwdriver bits; 5pcs hex wrench set (6mm to 2mm); wire cutter. Screwdriver handle; needle pliers; 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 mm sockets. 2 "electric" screwdrivers. Price to the public: 22,00 euros

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