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Puglia by motorbike

Puglia is one of the favorite summer destinations for motorcyclists for the sea, beaches, historic villages and cuisine between the Adriatic and the Ionian.

A region that excels in hospitality and accommodation facilities, for its cities of art, its country farms surrounded by olive groves and its products of the earth with an ancient and unparalleled flavor.

Puglia is always worth the trip, for many reasons such as:

  • Lecce: city of art jewel of the Baroque, it is a true open-air museum scattered with extraordinary masterpieces and monuments.
  • Il Gargano: the "spur of Italy" is a promontory of unspoiled nature and wonderful beaches, villages picturesque, olive and citrus groves.
  • Alberobello and the Itria Valley: amidst gentle hills and centuries-old olive trees, it is the “valley of the trulli” and characteristic villages such as Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca.
  • Ostuni: it is called "White City" for its historic center entirely painted with white lime, a real feast for the eyes.
  • Le Tremiti Islands: the only archipelago in the region, it includes five islands within a marine nature reserve with a sea that is a paradise for diving.
  • The Castellana Caves: a complex of underground cavities 3 kilometers long, they are considered the most spectacular caves in Italy.
  • La Salento Peninsula: a fascinating land unique for its history and traditions, between farms and white sand beaches with a crystal clear sea (not surprisingly called "the Maldives of Italy").
  • Polignano a Mare: perched on a spur of rock overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it is a seaside resort also appreciated for its sea caves and the remains of Roman domination.
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Salento by motorbike from Leuca to Otranto

The SP 81 is one of the most scenic roads to be done by motorbike in all of Salento and Puglia, as well as one of the most beautiful in all of Italy.

Villages of Italy: the magnificent Trulli of Cisternino

Overlooking the Itria Valley, in the so-called Murgia dei Trulli, Cisternino is 46 kilometers from Brindisi, not far from the Adriatic coast.
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