Israel in 7 Days: Negev to Golan Motorcycle Tour

7 days in motion and over 1600 km to discover all the wonders of Israel: from the Galilee to the Golan Heights, from Jerusalem to the Negev.

Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours

A complete motorcycle adventure trip, on and off-road to discover all the most evocative places in the country on the saddle of Desert Road Yamaha Ténéré 700.

7 days in complete relaxation, in fly & ride mode, to visit the Negev Desert, the Golan Heights, the Galilee, Jerusalem and the sacred places, the Dead Sea and the Egyptian border, with selected structures, excellent cuisine and the pleasure of guide of the Ténéré 700.

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Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700
Desert Road – Israel Motorcycle Tours


The journey includes a distance of approximately 1.600 km in an "all inclusive" formula with hotels, restaurants, petrol and obviously rental with .. All you have left is the pleasure of driving.

  • Arrival: Tel Aviv, UNESCO World Heritage Site, “White City” and old Jaffa in the evening. Night in Tel-Aviv.
  • Day 1: Mediterranean, Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Lower Galilee, Valley of Israel, Lake of Galilee. Night at the lake of Galilee – 250 km
  • Day 2: Jordan River, Hula Valley, Golan Heights, Syria border. Night in the Golan – 240km
  • Day 3: Golan Heights, Mount Gilboa, Jordan Valley, Alon Rd, Baptism Site, Jerusalem Old City. Night in Jerusalem – 320 km
  • Day 4: Old City of Jerusalem, Castle of David, Western Wall, Stations of the Cross, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. Evening ride to the Dead Sea – 100km
  • Day 5: Dead Sea, Masada, Sodom River, Memphis, Mount Avnon, desert of negev. Night in the Negev desert – 240km
  • Day 6: Oasis in the desert, Ovdat, Ramon Crater, Egyptian border. Night in a real Khan in the desert – 280 km
  • Day 7: Shivta, the great dune, Gaza border, Judean lowlands, Ella valley, back to TLV – 320km
Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
Mipze Ramon

Summary and costs

Approximately 1.600 km on new motorcycle Tenére 700, 6 nights in boutique hotel (upscale), breakfasts and dinners included, over 30 national sites, road and XNUMXWD segments (depending on the level of the participants), lots of fun and a relaxed environment.

The price of Euro 4.600 includes: rental, petrol, insurance, entrance to national parks, board and lodging. Excluded: flights, airport shuttles, alcohol.

The founder and guide of Desert Road, Raz Tsafrir, is a long-time motorcyclist, Captain in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and then in the secret services, with a deep knowledge of the country and everything you will discover.

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice
The ruins of Masada

The rental fleet

In addition to Raz, you will find 10 Yamahas waiting for you in Tel Aviv Tenére 700 ready to go on an adventure. The luggage will be entrusted to the Desert Road staff who will take care of making sure you find it at the hotel at the right time. on motorcycle, at your disposal there will be a 40 liter bag for all your personal effects.Desert Road - Israel Motorcycle Tours rental hold 700

Information and reservations

To contact Desert Road you can visit the site desertroad. bike or write directly to Raz via the contact form. For more photos and videos, don't forget to follow him on the channels Facebook e Instagram.

For information about Israel, climate, equipment and much more, you can consult the our practical guide.


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