#Restart: we start again with the Suzuki V-STROM Tour 2020

Registrations for the V-STROM Tour 2020 reopen, on the suzukitour.it website it is now possible to book the driving experience with the new V-STROM 1050XT

Suzuki V-STROM Tour 2020
Suzuki V-STROM Tour 2020

After the initial setback suffered due to the Covid-19 emergency, the Suzuki V-Strom Tour 2020 will officially start on June 5th to end on September 27th.

Registrations for the V-STROM Tour 2020 reopen, on the suzukitour.it website it is now possible to book the driving experience with the new V-STROM 1050XT

The initiative will consist of about fifty events, which will allow everyone to try the new Suzuki V-STROM 1050XT at many Suzuki dealers. The test experience and related activities will take place in rough conditions safety, in compliance with the provisions of the law.

Si registrations reopen at the V-STROM Tour 2020, on the site suzukitour.it it is now possible to book the driving experience with the new one V-STROM 1050XT. The stages of the event will be held at many Suzuki dealers. The V-STROM Tour 2020 then restarts and the fans of all Italy they will be able to jump on the saddle of Suzuki's new Sport Enduro Tourer and live a first-hand experience testing its extraordinary qualities. The initiative will be divided into 26 dates between June 5 and September 27, which will involve a large part of the national territory.

1Password: respect

In this delicate phase of slow and progressive return to normality, Suzuki attaches great importance to the fact that the events of the V-STROM Tour 2020 and the related test rides take place in conditions of absolute safety, as well as within the limits of the law. “Respect” is the key word through which the Suzuki network adapts to the ministerial protocols on the occasion of the stages of the Tour, as well as in every other phase of its activity. The Kanji "Kei", which in Japanese means precisely "respect with the heart", summarizes the philosophy that has always guided Suzuki and its relationship with the customer, which today takes on unprecedented shades. Suzuki dealerships scrupulously follow the rules that limit the flow of people in the rooms and observe all the essential hygiene and health regulations to ensure maximum protection for workers and customers.

During the V-Strom Tours, as already happens in the daily working activities of the dealerships, some important safety rules will be respected:

  • maintaining safety distances;
  • use of Personal Protective Equipment by the staff and all participants;
  • provision of an alcoholic disinfectant solution inside the show room;
  • access and participation allowed only to people in good health, without fever or other symptoms.

The precautions taken will certainly not prevent participants from experiencing intense emotions and being in a friendly atmosphere, in the name of an authentic passion for two wheels.

2#mettiamoci saddle safely

The test rides of the V-STROM Tour 2020 will mostly take place on weekends. Each practice session will be approximately 45 minutes in total. Each road ride will last approximately 30 minutes and will take place on routes open to traffic, behind a forerunner of the Suzuki organization. The test ride will be preceded by a short theoretical session of about 10 minutes, useful for fully appreciating the functioning of the many latest generation electronic devices present in the rich standard equipment of the new V-STROM 1050XT. The briefing, as well as the preliminary registration phase, will be held in spaces that will allow adequate distancing between people, in compliance with the ministerial protocol DPCM of 26 April 2020.

According to the regulations in force, at various times of the day the staff will be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment. Furthermore, at the end of each test ride session, the motorcycle they will be cleaned and sanitized, a treatment also reserved for the desks, furnishings and materials used by the organization after each rehearsal session.

The shifts will be managed so that customers of a time slot do not come into contact with those of the next or previous session.

To limit the influx of the public into the dealerships and the opportunities for contact between people, the tests will take place without a passenger on board.

Participants must necessarily use helmet and clothing own technician.

3How to participate in the V-STROM Tour 2020

Taking part in the V-STROM Tour 2020 is very simple. To register, simply connect to the suzukitour.it site and register online, then selecting the date and place where you want to take the test ride. For each appointment, the site provides the exact address of the place from which the tests start and allows you to immediately check the availability of a motorcycle in the different time slots provided for the outings on the street, which during the morning go approximately from 9.30 to 13 and in the afternoon from 14pm to 19pm.

Various dealerships involved in the V-STROM Tour 2020 have, among other things, additional demo motorbikes in their vehicle fleet, which they can possibly make available to customers during the various stages.

The various stages of the V-STROM Tour may be subject to variations or cancellations in the event of particularly adverse weather conditions or other needs.

Anyone wishing to test other models in general can connect to the Suzuki website and click on the "Try it" button located in the bar at the top of each page, select the bike and the preferred dealership and send the appropriate form filled in online. By doing so, the timing of the test can be optimized, streamlining the registration phase to be performed on site.

4The Enduro Tourer par excellence

The V-STROM 1050XT catches the eye with a sleek silhouette, which has as its distinctive feature that beak front that Suzuki first introduced in the late 107s, adopted over time by many other manufacturers. Observed closely, the V-STROM denotes an obsessive attention to finishes: details such as the thin LED arrows, the aluminum frame that supports the windshield with height-adjustable windshield or the spoked rims, on which tubeless tires are mounted, satisfy lovers of details and live up to the best Japanese tradition. Once on board you will discover how the solid rubber-coated footpegs, the variable section aluminum handlebars and the two-level adjustable saddle define a perfect riding position for riders of all sizes. The posture you assume allows you to have total mastery in every situation and to make the most of the qualities of the chassis, which relies on a double aluminum beam frame and fully adjustable suspension, and the over 1050 hp delivered by the twin-cylinder engine. The rider can choose how to exploit his generous torque by selecting one of the three mappings available with the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector. The standard equipment of the V-STROM XNUMXXT includes many other electronic devices that enhance driving practicality and safety, improve control and maximize driving pleasure. The standard equipment includes cruise control, traction control that can be adjusted on three levels and can be deactivated, the PartiFacile hill start assistance and the FrenaInPIega and FrenaSicuro systems. The first is an intelligent and adjustable ABS on two levels, which varies its intervention logic according to the angle of the curve. The second system, on the other hand, doses and distributes braking based on the load detected and the risk of lifting the rear wheel on a descent. All the devices are managed in an integrated way by the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System, which communicates with a Bosch inertial platform capable of monitoring the movements of the bike in six directions along three axes.

Suzuki finally offers many series accessories that rivals usually offer only for a fee, such as the aluminum crankcase guards, the hand guards, the central stand and the engine guard tubes, all elements that contribute to making the V-STROM1050XT a faithful and unstoppable travel companion, always ready to face the roads and the paths of the whole world.


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