Ducati rekindles the engines!

Ducati re-ignites the engines and starts production again: soon the new bikes in dealerships.

ducati museum bologna borgo panigale
Ducati - Borgo Panigale

Ducati begins its gradual return to normality starting from Monday 27 April with the gradual resumption of production at Borgo Panigale.

  • On Monday 27 April, production gradually resumed at the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale
  • Employees called to work will be the bare minimum to carry out production and research activities and will have to comply with a strict safety protocol developed together with the RSU and subject to a specific agreement. The masks will be mandatory for everyone, regardless of the distances
  • Claudio Domenicali: "It is essential to pay great attention to strict compliance with safety procedures: the virus has not disappeared. The joint work done with the Emilia-Romagna Region is very important. It will be a very difficult year but starting again is still a start, we have many orders for the Streetfighter V4, for the Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour and for the Panigale V2. The bike is a perfect vehicle for phase two: no parking problems and guaranteed distance; safety and fun at the same time ".

In compliance with the regulatory protocol of measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace, on Friday 13 March Ducati temporarily suspended production at its Bologna site to reorganize production schemes. Then the decree intervened which had suspended all non-essential activities and therefore, despite the organization being ready, production had not restarted. The gradual improvement of health conditions has today allowed the Government to allow the resumption of production of companies considered strategic for the national economy, whose activity is mainly aimed at exports, and whose extension of the suspension would risk making our company lose country additional market share.

This is a first phase of return, which at the moment involves only a part of the workers assigned to the production lines. The workshop workers will start first, then the engine assembly workers and, from Tuesday 28 April, also the workers for the assembly of the motorcycles. As for the employees, the use of smartworking will remain mandatory, only those who will not be able to do their work from home will be able to access the plant. All the resources employed in the commercial, marketing, IT, personnel management, finance, purchasing, logistics areas will therefore be working remotely. Production has been reorganized, going from one eight-hour shift to two seven-hour shifts to allow for the minimum number of people in the plant at the same time and therefore reduce possible contacts. The canteen will be active but with one seat for every four chairs.

The technicians engaged in the experimental Research and Development activities had already resumed their activities thanks to the permit for the specific Ateco code, therefore the technicians of the engine test rooms, those who carry out tests on motorcycles and laboratory tests, were present in Borgo Panigale. All designers, project managers, computationalists and designers will continue to work remotely. In this way, the deliveries of Ducati motorcycles and the development of new products will be guaranteed.

All the rules of conduct in force at Ducati comply with the updated shared protocol of April 24, and are even more restrictive in some points. For example, the Company has an absolute obligation to use masks, regardless of the distance. The entire Ducati protocol is the result of the work of a joint commission between the company and the RSU which was formed on 23 February, just two days after the discovery of the first infected in Italy. Many of the measures included are the result of a careful analysis of the protocols used in the Chinese factories of the VW group, in particular the FAW-VW in Chanchung, where production was suspended only for a week and where strict security measures are still in place. protection, distancing and sanitation.

“We are ready to go. We have worked hard in recent weeks to minimize any risk - declared Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO - despite this we will have to be extremely cautious and rigorous. The virus is still in circulation and we must fight every possible form of transmission. This is why everyone in the factory will wear the mask. We must protect the company population from asymptomatic positives which, albeit in a very small percentage, are present today and will not be identified by the mandatory temperature test. Serological tests can help, but they are only a snapshot and should be repeated every day before entry and this is obviously very difficult. This is why goggle and distance are so important. We will obviously adapt the protocols to the evolution of the health situation and to the indications of the State and the Emilia Romagna Region. We have been in constant contact with President Bonaccini, whom I thank for his support, with Councilor Colla and with Commissioner Venturi, to prepare ourselves in the best possible way. The two-wheeler market is highly seasonal and the standstill in March and April has already had very negative effects on sales. The Chinese market is already in full recovery, in Korea and Japan sales are doing well. In Germany, dealerships have been open for a week and we already have a severe shortage of product. I truly believe that this restart can allow us to at least partially reduce the negative effect of the production stoppage that we were forced to do, unfortunately at the worst time of the year. We have a large order book. The brand new Streetfighter V4, just launched, has received unanimous acclaim from the specialized press, is the undisputed queen of the category and customers are waiting for it. Unfortunately, production was stopped after just one month from the start. Then many orders also for the Multistrada 1260 s Grand Tour and the Panigale V2. We also have empty warehouses for the Multistrada 950 and the Scrambler 1100 PRO. I am convinced that the motorcycle, in this "phase 2", will prove to be an extraordinary means of combining fun, passion, the possibility of having a vehicle with which to spend the weekends and move around the city quickly, safely, without problems or parking or social distance. I want to thank all the Ducati employees who have patiently and collaboratively managed this anomalous phase and are also supporting us to manage the restart ”.

Despite the reopening of the production lines, Ducati confirms the suspension of visits to the Museum, Factory and Physics on Motorcycles until a later date, just as it is forbidden to enter the factory for suppliers, dealers, external contractors, and more general external personnel, unless proven and mandatory need for the continuity of production activities, product development and general services.


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