10 tips to travel well by motorbike

Traveling by motorbike: 10 tips to leave safely, be prepared and to enjoy a wonderful adventure on two wheels, even in company.

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The white roads of Tuscany - Ph. M. Di Trapani

Traveling by motorcycle is one of the most exciting experiences on two wheels. Whether it's a short tour or a trip around the world, always be prepared. Here are 10 tips to make no mistake.

With spring and summer, the time comes for many to finally make some trips with the new bike or the one they have owned for a long time, often used only in high season and left standing during the winter. The weekends begin, the short holidays during the long weekends and the real summer holidays in between Italy, Europe and also in the World. But a motorcycle trip must always be planned and prepared precisely for it to be a happy memory and an experience to repeat rather than a nightmare! So here are 10 tips to make traveling more pleasant and safe.

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Sardinia by motorbike - The road from Talana to Urzulei

Content index

  1. Tires and maintenance
  2. Technical clothing
  3. The right helmet
  4. Suitcases and bags
  5. Useful tools
  6. GPS navigation and maps
  7. Traveling as a couple
  8. Traveling in a group
  9. Road safety
  10. Plan stages and itinerary

Tires and maintenance

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Anlas Capra X - Swank Rally of Sardinia

Whether the journey to be made is long or short, it is always a good idea to tackle it with a perfectly efficient vehicle. It starts with a good wash, a check for any leaks in the crankcase or engine seals, a check of the levels (oil, radiator, brake fluid). The your shape of urethane then they must have sufficient tread to complete the planned lap in full safety and maybe even the right design for the type of trip. For longer journeys it is preferable to fit new ones tyres, even better if with a double compound, with the central part harder and more durable. Check the pressure (as per the use and maintenance booklet) not only on departure but also during the journey. Last but not least the brake pads, which have sufficient surface area to stop you well throughout the journey. Before leaving, also do a battery test, perhaps left under charge during the winter, so that it still has a good starting point.

Technical clothing

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Clover Laminator 2WP

Jacket, pants and underwear are absolutely not items to be underestimated. For a matter of space, the travel suit must allow you to be adaptable to various temperatures and perhaps even to rain. A multilayer, 3 or 4 season suit, complete with air vents, could be the right one, again depending on the destination. The most practical are those with a waterproof outer layer (so as to avoid wearing a rain suit) but with air vents for fresh travel, a removable down jacket that can be used as a leisure jacket, like the suit Clover Laminator 2WP. As for underwear, you are spoiled for choice, the important thing is that it is breathable and that it dries quickly, so you can wash it more often, then it can be warm or cool depending on the destination. Boots, better if in Gore-Tex so you can only use a couple in all weather conditions. Ditto for the gloves, but they take up little space, maybe bring two pairs, in case you lose one.

The right helmet

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Nolan N80-8

The right helmet is the one that keeps you safe in the event of an accident, then it's up to you to choose the one that's right for you, not only for an economic issue but above all for the type of use. We always recommend using i anyway full-face helmets, which offer great safety and good ventilation. But if you prefer the helmets that can be opened, always remember to close the chin guard already at low speeds and to check that it is approved both when closed and open. And if you are traveling as a couple or in a group, check that it has the predisposition to accommodate a Bluetooth system in case you want to mount one to talk to your partner or friends, or even just listen to music and make some phone calls.

Suitcases and bags

Israel motorbike adventure travel guide information itinerary map advice

Many motorcycle travel bags are equipped with rigid suitcases, others need to be equipped. On the market you can opt for rigid suitcase systems, semi-rigid bags, soft bags, bags ... there is to go crazy. As a matter of practicality, we always recommend choosing waterproof, easily detachable bags or suitcases and / or with a removable inner bag. Better to choose the side ones that keep the center of gravity of the bike low and avoid large tank bags that could hinder driving. The rigid cases are also very comfortable to accommodate up to 2 helmets when you go down for a walk or a dip in the sea.

Useful tools

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Leatherman Ratchet Driver

Modern motorcycles are so complex that it is now not easy to intervene in the event of a breakdown. Let's say that it is more likely to intervene in the event of a fall to fix the bodywork and various parts of the bike. Our advice is therefore to identify which keys, tools and tools would be needed for example for the handlebars, levers, paramotors and accessories mounted as the brackets for the bags. Then I would add a tire repair kit, a small one 12v compressor, a jump starter for the battery that doubles as a power bank and a lot of long and thick nylon ties, as well as a utility knife which can be useful for the motorcycle and many other situations, such as camping.

GPS navigation and maps

Garmin Montana 750i GPS - Test and Review
Garmin Montana 750i GPS - Test and Review

Now with smartphones you travel around the world but I remind you to always pay attention to two key factors: first of all the vibrations, which can damage the photographic lenses of your smartphones. Look for cushioned supports and suitable covers to avoid damage even from dust and rain. Then the signal, because when there is no network the maps do not work. In this case, dear old navigators like Garmin o TomTom they are always better because they use the GPS signal and preloaded maps. Or you can buy smartphone apps for which you can download maps to your phone. And if you are a nostalgic navigator, with paper maps you really never get lost.

Traveling as a couple

New Suzuki GSX-S1000GT
New Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

Traveling with your significant other can be as beautiful as it is terrible, especially if your partner is a beginner. So always be patient, look for helmet and clothing right, do not go to the savings with the passenger. Take a few test rides to test the affinity and comfort of the bike. A system could be useful and a lot of company too Bluetooth rider and passenger, first to avoid screaming through the helmets to be heard, then to share all the good things about motorcycle travel, including fights and punches in the back when you overdo the gas!

Traveling in a group

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Four Points Festival - Umag Croatia - Ph. M. Di Trapani

Motorcycle trips are all beautiful, and the writer is a lover of those alone. But even a nice trip with friends has its why. We share the passion, the emotions and have fun all together, often literally becoming children again. But traveling in a group also involves responsibilities, so you must always remember that on the road safety must be preceded by fun, avoiding races and dangerous situations. It is better to travel together and compactly, compatibly with safety distances, it prevents cars or other vehicles from getting into the group in case of overtaking. Mark in time with your hands or feet any obstacles along the road such as potholes, cyclists or debris. Warn when you need to make fuel or other stops, so you don't get lost on the way. And finally, always check each other out before leaving to avoid things like badly tied bags, unfastened helmets and documents left in the hotel.

Road safety

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Moto airbag V3

As with group travel, safety must always come first. Our advice is to always drive carefully, respecting the highway code of your own and of the country you visit. To inquire about any permitted and prohibited maneuvers (such as passing between cars or overcoming queues…). In addition to the classic protections, preferably level 2, of jackets and trousers, instead of the classic back protector, we recommend buying a Motorcycle airbag, mechanical or electronic. Always wear reflective and high visibility clothing such as yellow vests, led accessories and the like, remembering that even the simple white helmet is always clearly visible, as well as cool in summer.

Plan stages and itinerary

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Israel by motorbike

Good planning is always synonymous with safety. First of all, choose theright route, the stages and the stops allows you to manage km and fatigue, perhaps by booking hotels or campsites in advance. In this way you have time to dedicate to discovering many places and stop often for photos and videos or to try the many delicacies found in every region of the world. Then, in the event of a program change, or in the event of breakdowns, a solution can always be found quickly. If you are traveling abroad, remember to memorize the emergency numbers and perhaps make a policy for roadside assistance.

Now you just have to start your beloved motorcycle, load your luggage and leave, because the world is there waiting for you!